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I have profess'd me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness ~Othello, the Moor of Venice

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm slightly depressed for a few reasons today. One is that I had my wine & roses mitts in my pocket when I was walking to class today, and one of them must've fallen out somewhere on the walk, because it was gone when I got to class. I was close to ditching just to retrace my steps and look for it. After class, no luck. *sigh* That makes me sad... What else has me down in the knitting dumps? Ed's boxers. Somehow, with the alterations to the pattern, something went wrong. They weren't too big, or too small. But the front came down so low when he put them on that it made it looke, well, Ed said it best...
"It looks like I have a codpiece on."
I ripped it. Every finished piece, every sew edge. Ripped. Gone. Rolled into giant balls of depressing yarn. I wanted to cry.

As usual, though, there is always good news to balance out the bad. (Being a Libra sucks sometimes.)

I'm nearly finished with the first of 10 charts in the dragon shawl! Yay! It's really turning out... I'm happier now...

I'm not sure why I didn't mention this before, but I've been doing a research paper on the knitting trend in the US. It's been an interesting experience, and I had to turn in my final draft to my Prof. today. Some of the stuff I learned were a bit of a surprise, and at the same time, not surprising at all. If I had more time, I'd go into details, but count this a teaser trailer for a post to come!

Binding Off.


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