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Thursday, March 15, 2007

As Promised...

I promised I'd post pictures from the "Dyeing Party" And since I make every attempt to come through on my promises, here are the pictures (a little delayed, but still good!) As Jessica said, it wasn't that much of a party, but the two of us did have fun!
We started off with something resembling angel hair pasta...
Added red and green food dyes, respectively...
Red for Jessica; Green for me.
And ended up with green and red angel hair pasta!
Or really pretty lace weight yarn for our "Heere Be Dragone" shawls.
Did I mention how much I love the new blogger? I can upload pictures from my computer in about one-tenth the time it took before, for one picture! All five of these took about 30 seconds. No joke! Speedy uploads make me happy.

Speedy projects make me happy, as well.

I finished the front left of the baby sweater, as well as getting a few more inches on Arwen.

I'm planning on adding a few inches to the length of it, since I have a thing for making sweaters that end up being too short... So a few inches here, a few inches there, and it's the perfect length!

These are the legs and arms of one of the two bunnies I'm making for my little cousins. Randolph will have a few relatives to add to the family! Yay!

Spring Break began for me today at 3:15. Glorious Spring Break... I return to the little town of Blue Island tomorrow, probably late morning, early afternoon. I hope my life at home will be more exciting and filled with going out with friends than my life here has been lately. Although, I must admit, I did go out twice this week- yesterday, and today. (Yay for finally find a niche!) My friend Pam (yes, you, I know you read this) and I went with her boyfriend Chuck to Cafe Paradiso to listen to some creative writing authors read their work. Now how's this for a scene: me, sitting in a cafe listening to poetry and short story readings, with my needles flying and yarn swinging happily. That needs to happen more often. While I was there, I ordered a soy chai w/ hazelnut and as I was handing my debit card to the cashier, I noticed a large pink flyer next to the register. It claimed in bold letters "KLOSE KNIT", a knitting circle, was meeting there on Wednesdays from 7-9. How convenient! It had been mentioned at KI last night, and seeing the sign brought back the memory of the territory discussion we had. It seems Jenny (our pres) was contemplating stealing the sign and modifying to say Bar Guiliani instead of Cafe Paradiso--- Guiliani's is where we meet.
I've been wanting to switch to Cafe Paradiso for a number of reasons, but there are some very strong cons to the change. The pros are the atmosphere, it's location, and the drinks/food. It's a very cafe-ish cafe, with an ambiance that just makes you feel at ease. It's two blocks from where I live, and they have the BEST mexican hot chocolate EVER. Plus their soups and sandwiches rival Panera Bread. Pricy, but worth it. The cons? It's twice as far for about half of the other members. Bar Guiliani's is great- don't get me wrong. But it gets awfully warm, and the conference room we knit in seems so.... well, harsh really. But it's a conference room- what more can you hope for? Armchairs? Besides, it's the established meeting place.
Something else I noticed at the Cafe is a woman sitting at the bar near me. She had very short, very pink hair, an indistinguishable tattoo on her shoulder and arm, and a number of piercings- ears, nose, lip. She was wearing a tight shirt and "skinny jeans" and clasped in her hands were two very cute wooden knitting needles that knit and purl a pretty pale purple lace weight mohair yarn. It was such a memorable sight, I couldn't help but smile. I just looked at her and felt the corners of my mouth turn upward. In the back of my mind a small voice whispered "you will never look that cool when you knit" but I smiled all the same. A louder voice, I should add, told me "you will never look good in skinny jeans" but I don't think I'd wear them if I did look good in them. Haha. But I digress (horridly).
I can't wait to see how my yarn dried, and then sit and wind all of it into a gigantic ball of lacy-greenness. And then *gasp* CAST ON!!! Whoo! Well it's nearly 1:00 am, and I have a little more packing to get done before I hit the sack. Fair thee well, my friend! Happy knitting.

Binding Off


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