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I have profess'd me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness ~Othello, the Moor of Venice

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I returned to Needleworks with the intent of looking through books, and such, and just in general enjoying the feel of the yarn. I talked with the woman who worked there for awhile, and she told me that every saturday is open knitting. And the second saturday is potluck. So I may not be able to go to the Thurs. knitting nights, but I'll make it on Saturday's. I'm excited!

With the absence of any significant knitting news, I decided to put up some pictures of my luvverly apartment in all it's half-assed glory. This is my corner of the world- the bed being made is a rare occasion. I think I actually did it just for this photo...

In this corner of the living room is where I keep my two swordtails, Steve and Irwin. (Irwin is a girl, by the way.) I named them after that wacky Aussie died from a sting ray barb... *tear*

A close up of my fishies swimming in their tank.

This, uh.... well, see... I've got this thing for moose, right? And according to the tag, this is supposed to be a moose head. Lori bought it for me for my birthday. It's more a deer than a moose, but whatever. I had no real intention of putting it up in the living room, but after blowing it up, Chay grabbed it and said "I know the perfect place for it." Taking a push pin with her, she mounted it here, and here it will stay until it deflates!

This is my little bookshelf. I needed somewhere to put them, so I took half of the bookshelf from my room at home, and set it up here. The party-lite candles are not strictly regulation, but no one checks up on us that often. Heehee. Currently, the bottom shelf is occupied by my DVDs and video games.

That's all for now~

Binding off!


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