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Friday, October 06, 2006

Knitting ADD

Candice (president of the Knitting Illini, not my cousin) asked me the other day, "Do you have knitting ADD?" I have a habit of switching from one project to the next with barely a blink of the eye. When she said it, I had originally just laughed and kept knitting, but it stuck with me.

And I guess I truly do have knitting ADD. I hop from project to project, working a little of any number of different projects. But there's a logical explanation. I mean, anyone who has ever knit a pair of frustrating gloves, or worked with a complicated graph pattern for a sweater needs to have the nearly mindlessly simple project to keep themselves sane. I cannot express how much of a relief it is to go from working the Wanderlust Hoodie with it's cables, bobbles, seed stitch, purls, knits, k3togs, and YOs--- all within 63 stitches --- to working on those boxers, which is the ever simple stockinette st with a few m1's and k2tog's at the ends. And then every so often, being able to sit down and whip a pair of baby booties off in a matter of minutes--- knitting cannot be a one-project-at-a-time craft. There's just so many levels of intensity and concentration that are involved with different projects. Sometimes, you need the mindless project that you've committed to your muscle memory so well that you can sit and watch TV, or carry on a conversation, or even walking down the street, looking straight ahead and still be knitting the while time. Other times you're up to the challenge of uninterrupted, fully concentrated knitting on something more difficult. My point is that if you knit- I mean really K-N-I-T - you understand this concept of "ADD knitting" and that it is completely necessary and normal.

An update on the knitting: I knit up a quick pair of "one-hour baby booties" from Stitch and Bitch Nation. I also finished the gloves for my dad, after fixing those few glitches. Still working on the wanderlust hoodie, and the boxers. And I need to buy a few sets of needles from some of the "required" knitting for me. Heehee. Other than the botties and gloves, nothing much exciting in the way of knitting. Or anything else, for that matter.... *sigh* My life is so boring. I need to get out more...


  • At Sat Oct 07, 06:18:00 AM 2006, Blogger Pixie Purl said…

    Don't I know all about knitting ADD and how necessary it is :) Just this past week while I was sick, I had to put aside the cables and pick up the purse...back and forth, back and's very calming :)


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