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I have profess'd me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness ~Othello, the Moor of Venice

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Knitter's Natural Habitat

My roomie came in the house twice today, and both times she saw me doing the same thing: watching Brisco County Jr. and knitting while sitting on my ass on the couch. Granted, I had been doing a lot of other things in between this, but she managed to catch me at the same thing. She came in and started talking as if I were some wild animal, calling me the "beckasaurus" and describing my surroundings as my "natural habitat." When her girlfriend came in the room, she called out to her like they were on some Animal Planet safari hunt, saying "don't disturb her! She may attack- you can never tell with these knitters. They've got a nasty temper and a fierceness to them, especially if you disturb them while they're knitting." I laughed. That's all I could do. She contradicted one of the fundamental effects of knitting with everything she said. As with most needlepoint crafts, knitting has an amazing calming effect. Especially when it's something as repetitive as the boxers that I was working on.
As for my 'habitat', it did sort of resemble some sort of wilderness. There were skeins of yarn strewn about like the leftovers from some previous kill, with needles sticking here and there like bones. Books, magazines, and other sources for patterns were set up around me. It was a knitting nest. Ha! Shame Chay didn't get a picture of it... I did, however, get a few pictures of her and her girlfriend. *malevolent chuckle*

Just take a look at the following pictures. The first is of Chay, and the second of her girl-friend, a guest in the apartment. Tell me what's wrong with this scenario:

Anyway, I'm such a horrible procrastinator. It's a disease with me. I should get a tattoo that says "procrastinators unite tomorrow." Except, I'd keep putting it off...

I decided not to get into where that thought was going. On to the point of this blog: my knitting projects. I've finished the first of four panels for Ed's boxers. I have yet to figure out how to do the "access panel" or whatever you wanna call that flap w/ the buttons on the ass... He's such a strange thing. He'll never wear them- I don't even know why I'm doing this! *sigh* I swear, if he doesn't wear them, I'm taking them back. *shakes head*

I guess I'll have to add photos later... this isn't working. Again.

Binding off


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