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Sunday, October 15, 2006

If you must know

First things first- the feature presentation of this weeks teaser:

new project
I finally cast on the Central Park Hoodie! I'm so excited- as of right now I'm about halfway finished with the back. It's such a treat to be working on something for me. I bought the needles for it during my yarn store visit, which you'll read more about shortly. I love the color of this- I'm using the dark orange Donagall Tweed that the pattern calls for (*gasp* a project, in the correct yarn?! Inconcievable!) and it's just the perfect color for fall. It's the rusty orange of the leaves blanketing the ground during autumn, and I adore it!

yarn store visit
I finally decided to visit Needleworks, and what originally looked to be your average sized yarn store, with a lot of yarn packed into a small space turned into a 3 room yarn extravaganza- each room larger than the other, with yarn spilling off shelves, in baskets on the floor, in hidden corners, on display, and knitting paraphernalia EVERYWHERE! I felt as if I had died and went to knitting heaven. I was so overwhelmed I actually only bought the needles I had come for. It was yarngasmic...

cowboy hats
I had a barn dance last night w/ Ed and everyone else in Ed's house, and in order to complete my ensemble, I needed a straw hat. So Wednesday we went to the mall and bought a really cute one for me. I love it.

cheese and real milk
while at the mall, we stopped in GNC and I bought a bottle of dietary pills- dairy digestant pills, to be exact. It's a simple pill with the lactase enzymes that my stomach no longer produces. In other words, I can eat diary now! Cheese, regular milk, ice cream, yogurt (even the kind w/o active cultures) all of it is open to me again! I feel like hugging a cow...

garbage and cheerios
My apartment mate, Gabrielle, threw a major bitch fit over a box of her honey nut cheerios. Someone had eaten them, and she was P.I.S.S.E.D. She was convinced it was either Chay or me, and we both denied knowing anything about it. She was acting so childish about it- marking her mini garbage can that we keep by the couch with a post-it that said "if you are not Gabrielle or one of her guests, don't use this trash can." I was fed up with it, so I gave it to her and told her that if she didn't want people to use it, then maybe she should keep it in her room. This naturally only made her more mad, at which point she stormed around the kitchen, taking all of her food from the cabinets and putting it in the spare closet that used to belong to her ex-roommate, Sarah. Chay's and my response was to spread our food out among the cabinets so it wasn't all crammed. Then Gabby took 'her' kitchen garbage out of the kitchen. So Chay and I bought a new, bigger one w/ a lid. It's nicer. As the final point to spite us, Gabby said she refused to take out the garbage (which is her ONLY chore for the house) until the person who ate her cheerios fessed up and took it out. She said some other rather rude things about us, and I told her that if she hated living with us, why didn't she just move out like Sarah did. At which point I took out the garbage, cuz there were 3 big bags of it and it was starting to smell. Shortly after this huge episode, Gabby found out that it was Sarah who at the cheerios. I've yet to receive an apology. My question is why was it ok for Sarah to have eaten them, but when she assumed it was either me or Chay, she bitched and bitched? I'm not happy with her at all.

Subway newbies
At the mall, I was hungry, so I ordered a Subway sandwich. The girl making the sandwich was new- brand new, first day of work. My sandwich was shorter than 6", and the entire thing was horribly executed. I was about to launch into a full fledged critique when I realized what working at Jimmy John's has done to me in a few short months... AAGH!

Stuffed hedgehogs
I finished Lori's hedgehog, and it's so adorable! I don't have a photo, though, so I'll have to wait until I finish the next one before I can show you, but I absolutely love it!

Hot coffee and a cold walk
I decided to get a Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte before I walked to Needleworks, and it was freezing outside, so I enjoyed a nice coffee, a cranberry/orange scone, and a trip to the yarn store. All in all a very good day.

As for the other post...*ahem* Let's just say that while I can knit while drunk, that doesn't mean it's a very good thing to do. I didn't mess up, but there's always a risk. That's why driving drunk isn't good- because of the greater risk. So therefore, I will no longer knit while drunk. It's just not safe! The lives of each knitted project are at stake when you drink and knit- so just say no!


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