Three Twisted Stitches

I have profess'd me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness ~Othello, the Moor of Venice

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There's just something about pictures....

....that makes blog posts so much more involved. My roommate has kindly let me use her camera so I can put up a few pictures of my current WIPs, and such.

I just finished a pair of the Interweave Knits slipper socks in a dark navy blue for my boyfriend (Ed)'s mom, Gail. They were a pain in the thumbs to knit, but still they were fun. The doubled sole was tough, and actually snapped one of my needles clean in half! Begin the frugal college student that I am, I decided to keep knitting with the half-needles and managed to finish the two socks rather nicely!

Between the first and second socks, I took a break and started on my dad's gift- a pair of grey tweed gloves that I am planning to line with fleece and stitch on a black leather palm. I was worried that they would be too big, but I cleverly measured my dad's hand against mine and am confident that they will turn out perfectly. This is the first glove- the second still needs to be cast on!

In a previous post I mentioned a pair of elbow-length lace-up fingerless wrist warmers that I had knit for my girlfriend Lori as a birthday present. Her 19th birthday is 3 days after mine, on October 1st, and I cannot wait to give them to her! These are the beauties, blocked and ready for wearing!


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