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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm such a bad girl....

They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you had a problem. Here goes nothing:

I have a knitting addiction.

This addiction goes far deeper than you would imagine, however. It is not just a simple addiction to the act of knitting. No, the symptoms have steadily worsened and I am hovering between addiction and obsession, and the gravity of obsession is pulling hard.

I suppose I first noticed something was up when I had to put a hold on buying any yarn until after the new year. I will not make it, I can assure you. No knitter can go for more than 2 months without buying a skein of yarn, and if I walk into another knitting store with new yarn and a sale basket, I'll go crazy! I've been making excuses so as to avoid going into Needleworks down here, but I'm losing my grip.

Aside from the irresistible urge to buy more yarn, there are other more time-consuming effects of this addiction/obsession. It has led to more than one instance of "SSS" or "Second Sock Synrome." I believe I have found a reprieve from this symdrome, luckily. This may not work for everyone, but for those knitters who have a lecture class that is virtually pointless to take notes because the professor posts all his lectures on the internet, then this may be a perfect solution. I have begun knitting through those long-winded lectures, pausing momentarily to jot down an important note. In this manner I have completed a pair of socks and am beginning the second in a pair of gloves.

But hold your applause. I've been a very bad girl this weekend. In lieu of going out this weekend (in light of the lack of correspondence... *grumble*) I cast on a new project.

*Waits for gasping to finish*

I couldn't help it! It's such a pretty hoodie (*more gasping* A new hoodie? Becki, you'll never finish your Christmas knitting in time!") and ahem it is a Christmas gift for someone, so there! I will too finish in time, and I have full confidence in my ability to complete the projects that I begin. As long as they're not for me, cuz then I just throw them in the knitting drawer and think "I can finish it at any time- it's for me!" and then regret it fully later when I wish I had that cardigan to wear in this lovely autumn weater.

I should really be writing an English paper. I suppose I will return later tonight to explain in further detail the hoodie that I so carelessly cast on last night.

Binding off


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