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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ok, this is the last time I am typing this post out, and this time I'm abandoning the pictures. Third time's the charm, right? Well, I'm sorry I've disappeared for the past month, but stupid me, I forgot that my username was IDENTICAL to the web address... Ugh, I'm a dufus sometimes. Anyway, a lot of things have changed since last I posted. I moved into my new apartment in Urbana, and start classes tomorrow at 10:00. Things are going great, I'm hunting for the Knitting Illini so I can have a knitting group, and I've got hopes for a new job at a cafe not too far from here. I've finished a few projects, and cast on quite a few new ones in preparation for the Christmas Knitting Rush.

The problem with the last three posts that I tried to put up, was that the pictures wouldn't load, and then my browser would close because it stopped responding. Not cool at all. So here's the list of projects, minus the pictures.

First, I finished a second pair of lace up fingerless gloves. These ones reach to my elbow, and are knit from a miriad of brightly colored yarn- mostly neons, like pink, green, an orange, with a little bit of bright purples and blues mixed in. To balance the barage of colors, I chose cream ribbon for the lacings. Hopefully at some point in the future I'll be able to post some pictures, but for now, we'll make do with simple descriptions.

Next, that midnight blue and silver double knitted scarf was finished and sold, although I only received half the payment, because she wasn't prepared for it to be finished in such a short amount of time. (It was a very long scarf, reaching to a total of 96.5", excluding the tassles on the end.)

Next I finally attached the black button eyes to the blue stuffed penguin that Mel asked me to make for her.

I knit up the stomach and one arm of the hedgehog for Lori, but unfortunately left the stuffing for it at home, so I cannot complete the poor thing. I adapted the pattern from the penguin, and my hopes are high, but we'll have to wait until it's stuffed for the true test of my abilities.

As for the recently cast on projects, I have a pair of gloves for my dad out of the Rowan Summer Tweed, to match a scarf that Jessica is making for him. I plan to line them and stitch a leather sole onto the palm. Here's hoping for good results.

Next is a wool hat for my dearest, Ed. It's sitting on the circular needle with one two rows completed, but it's cast on, and that's what counts, right? Also, I cast on the boxers that he wanted me to make. I chose a dark navy blue Manos Cotton Stria with a light blue trim (because they didn't have enough of the dark blue...)

For his mom, I'm doing a pair of slipper socks from the 2006 summer issue of Interweave Knits. The doubled sole, however, was too much for the toothpick US1 needles, and to my great dismay, snapped one of my poor dpns clean in half! I've managed to knit around it though, and though it may take a while longer than expected, I'll trudge on. (I'm contemplating purchasing a set of metal US1 dpns so as to avoid snapping any more of them...)

I think that's all, and if it's not, it's enough to keep my busy for the next few weeks at least.

Casting off.


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